New Short-Term Rental Accommodations Tax

The city of Steamboat Springs has imposed a new short-term rental accommodations tax of 9% that applies to reservations made on or after January 1, 2023, and to all reservations for stays after April 15, 2023.

Winter 2022/23 reservations will be subject to an additional 9% city tax if you book on or after January 1st. All summer reservations are subject to this new short-term rental tax.

Book your winter 2022/23 reservation by December 31, 2022 to avoid this new 9% tax.

In November 2022, Steamboat Springs voters approved Ballot Measure 2A which imposes a 9% tax on short-term vacation rentals. Revenues generated by this new tax are to be allocated toward affordable and attainable workforce housing.

Ballot Measure 2A:

Shall city of Steamboat Springs taxes be increased by $14,309,858 annually in the first full calendar year, and by whatever additional amounts are raised annually thereafter, by imposing a tax on short-term rental accommodations at a rate of nine (9) percent, and shall the increased revenues be dedicated for use to increase the stock of affordable and attainable housing by providing incentives and contributions to facilitate the development of affordable and attainable housing at locations including, but not limited to, brown ranch and to provide funding for infrastructure associated with affordable and attainable housing, including, without limitation, energy, stormwater, water, wastewater, and multi-modal transportation, and shall the tax expire on December 31, 2042 unless the qualified and registered electors of the city authorize an extension, and may the city adjust the rate of tax from time to time so long as it does not exceed 9%, and shall the city be authorized to receive and spend the proceeds of such tax as a voter approved revenue change and an exception to the limits that would otherwise apply under article x, section 20 of the Colorado constitution or any other law?

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