Expert Skiing

The Expert Side of Skiing in Steamboat


So the last time you skied a green run was either when you were about 4 feet tall or you were teaching someone to ski who is under 4 feet tall.  You might ski a few blues if your thighs are burning from ripping up so many mogul runs or if you’re having a relaxing ski day with less experienced friends.  But your ski soul is hardcore and the real thrill for you resides in the steeps, the deep, the bumps and the jumps.

If that’s you, then keep on reading.


The Steamboat Ski Area has got the requisite knee-bustin’ mogul runs such as favorites like Nelson’s (named for our hometown Olympian, Nelson Carmichael), Three O’clock and White Out.  Nelson’s is accessible from the Four Points lift, Three O’clock is located over on the Sundown side of the mountain and White Out (the most favorite bump run), is just below the Burgess Creek chairlift.   The Pioneer Ridge area’s Middle Rib has lots of challenging mountain moguls as well.



Steamboat has dedicated terrain parks in two different areas of the mountain.  The Maverick’s Super Pipe is in the Bashor Bowl area.  And the ‘Lil Rodeo (don’t let the name fool you as there are plenty of opps for big air in there) is located right near the base.  If you’re in phenomenal shape and this “ain’t your first rodeo”, hit the 75-foot quarterpipe kicker at the end of Maverick’s for some air that pilots would envy.


With an average of 350″ of snowfall per season, Steamboat’s Champagne Powder™ is the real deal.  Our unique weather patterns dump so much of the fresh stuff on us, powder days are almost run of the mill here in the ‘Boat.  There are plenty of powder stash spots available all over the mountain.  Offer to buy a beer at the bar for a local and perhaps you’ll be let in on a few secret spots.  But the best spots are not secret.  Closets and Shadows are the famed tree runs that boast big snow and amazing glades.  And if you want the private powder and fresh tracks all day, then book a trip on Steamboat Powdercats for an expert powder experience not to be missed.


For Steamboat’s hike-to terrain, take the Storm Peak lift to the top, then pop over to the Morning Side area and take its lift to the tippy top.  From the top of Morningside, the double blacks abound.  Chutes 1, 2 and 3 are all right there, the only thing between you and those double blacks are the access gates.  No hiking required.  But for the tried and true, the best expert terrain are the runs you have to break a sweat to get to.  So head up the hill to Gate D, North St. Pat’s bowl,  No Names and a few others for the extreme dream.



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it, again.  There are plenty of groomed blacks on Steamboat that give you the sheer adrenaline fueled thrill of top to bottom rides.  As long as your lungs can keep up, stopping is optional.  A few of our favorite blacks that make you feel like a rockstar without the body-burn:  See Me – it’s a fast paced GS style run at the top of Christie Lift.  Intermediate compatriots can take the crowd-pleasing blue run, Vogue, to the bottom, while you schuss down See Me.  West Side is another easy black that is saddled between the more challenging, steeper, usually mogulled black, Rolex and the scenic route, Broadway, so it’s a good middle option when you’re skiing with people of all skill levels.


If your ACLs have had many war stories, but your extreme days are fewer and far between than they used to be, then wear your choices proud!  Have some cheese with your sore knees by grabbing an infamous ACL pizza at the famed Slopeside grill and swap surgical tales with bar crowd who probably have long since hung up their mogul sticks as well.

And if you’re feeling old like the rest of us, but still earned your turns, then definitely hit the hot tub at your Simply Steamboat luxury condominium, wrap yourself up in your plush robe and beg your family members to wait on you hand and foot until you do it all again, tomorrow.