Breweries in Steamboat Springs, CO

New & Old Places to Enjoy Steamboat’s Finest Craft Beers

Steamboat Springs is famous for its plethora of Champagne Powder, but these days there is another sport that is quickly becoming a local favorite: Pub Crawling. You don’t need high priced swag to participate, just an appetite for well crafted beer and way home that doesn’t require car keys. We have chosen to highlight our local breweries, so that our guests may come to love them as much as we do. They are presented here in no particular order, though I am certain each Steamboat resident will have an opinion on which one is the best.

The Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill                              435 Lincoln Ave            970-879-3773                      

A Steamboat fixture for over 10 years, it is certainly more than a place to get a good drink. Owned and operated by locals Charley and Nancy Noble along with Chef Jason Salisbury, Mahogany Ridge boasts an extensive and creative menu that draws inspiration from all corners of the globe. Spicy Tuna Ceviche, Greek Saganaki, Elk Sirloin, and Adobo Colorado Lamb Loin are just a few examples of what you find on this harmonious menu created by Salisbury to appeal to any and all palettes. They even have vegetarian fare for the abstentious one in your group.

Yeah, but what about the beer?!?!

Certainly we can’t talk about the Mahogany Ridge without delving into their beer selection. Owner Charley Noble is not a newbie in the world of brewing. He served as the Brewmaster of Steamboat Brewery before opening this spot in 2003. Enjoying the creative process of brewing beer, Charley continually produces new and interesting brews which keep residents and visitors alike coming back for more. From Pale Ales to Stouts to Wheat Beers, there is a brew for everyone and every occasion. When you decide to stop in, have them pour you a tall glass of Uncle Daryl’s Drunkenweizen for yourself and a Rabbit Ear’s Root beer for those under 21. Your stomach will thank you and you will thank us for the recommendation.

The Butcherknife Brewing Company                2875 Elk River Road                 970-879-BEER

The folks at Butcherknife Brewing have only one thing on their mind: Beer. This group takes their craft seriously, and they seriously craft some of the finest beers in the land. The secret to their success lies in the integrity of the water they use to brew. Steamboat Springs is first in line to catch the runoff from the Continental divide thereby allowing the crafters at Butcherknife to begin their process in the purest form possible. They assert that delicious water translates into delicious beer, and we couldn’t agree more. Perhaps that is why this crew was selected to pour at The Great American Beer Festival this month in Denver. On this year’s trip to Steamboat you get to be the judge when you saddle up to the bar at Butcherknife to taste excellence for yourself.

Storm Peak Brewing Company                           1744 Lincoln Ave.                     970-879-1999

Storm Peak may be the most laid back spot to grab a drink in town. Thanks to their tasting floor which boasts numerous picnic tables, Storm Peak is quickly becoming a favorite hangout of locals. It is an IPA lover’s paradise. The beer selection is not vast, but it is distinct with most flavors representing their west coast roots. Like Butcherknife, Storm Peak has also scored an invite to this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Not a bad showing for this small mountain town. When you do decide to drop in, plan to stay awhile. The locals have been known to get tied up for hours drinking beer, snacking on popcorn, and playing Jenga. Not a bad way to spend a lazy evening in Steamboat!

The BARley Colorado Craft and Draft                       635 Lincoln Ave.                   970- 761-2195

OK, so technically The BARley isn’t a brewery like the other three we have mentioned, but we cannot overlook them. Steamboat’s newest place to get a drink serves up 30 of Colorado’s finest craft beers paired with a wide range of pub fare. The owners of Barley sought to create a place where the people of Steamboat, and those that vacation here, could come to enjoy the best brew the state has to offer. They say that BARley represents the essence of beer and is a celebration of the agriculture and heritage of what comes before the beer: the barley. The BARley is a wonderful place for a small group of friends to spend the evening.