Blue Ski Runs in Steamboat

Skiing the Blues at the Steamboat Ski Area

blue skiing for intermediatesIf you love skiing (as opposed to singing) the blues, then Steamboat is the perfect spot to stem your christie.  Over 40% of the 2965 acres on the Steamboat ski mountain is rated as “more difficult” and the familiar blue square can be spotted just about everywhere.

One of our favorite ski trails is Rainbow, and it’s easily accessible from the top of Four Points lift.  This cruiser is fast and fun and doesn’t usually have a lot of crowd competition.  You can also access it from the top of Storm Peak via another blue crowd pleaser, Buddy’s Run. Buddy’s is named for the famed Steamboat ski racer, Buddy Werner, born and raised in Steamboat for whom the entire ski area (Mt Werner) is named after.

There’s a statue of Buddy at the top of the run – marking the terrain as well as commemorating one of Steamboat’s most beloved residents.  A word of caution about Buddy’s Run, it is very popular and tends to be a bit crowded at times as it’s the lone blue run amidst a few black diamonds.  But its popularity is also for another good reason, as it’s quite a fun run.  So don’t let a few other skiers deter you from enjoying it fully!

For the blue skiers’ paradise, head on over to the other side of the ski mountain, affectionately known by locals as “Wally World“.  It’s not marked on the trail map as Wally World, so you’ll be ‘in the know’ referring to it as such.  The runs that comprise Wally World are Tomahawk, Flintlock and Quick Draw.  Plus there are lots of little blue offshoots from these longer blue runs.  They are fun, long rolling runs and perfect for advanced beginners looking for a new challenge or seasoned blue skiers who appreciate a little less steep of a blue every now and again.  These runs are located at the top of Sunshine Express lift, right along the ridge line.

If you’re looking for a steeper blue that crosses into black territory, look for the blue/blacks around the mountain.  Two o’clock juts off of High Noon and is an especially fun (and short) blue/black run.  Sunset is another great blue/black option if you’re over in the Four-points lift area.  After a few hot laps on Rainbow just scoot one run over to Sunset and up your game a bit.

Or try a few of the blue/blacks over in the Pioneer Ridge area such as Longhorn or Flying Gulch.  Just know that there aren’t any greens in the Pioneer Ridge area and there aren’t any blue alternatives, so only give Pioneer Ridge a try if you’re a strong Intermediate/Advanced skier.

And here’s our Simply Steamboat hot tip for advanced blue skiers, check out the daily grooming report at the base of the ski area or online.

Plenty of black runs are groomed overnight – making them a fun alternative to just skiing the blues. Without moguls on them, they’re still steep, but not as hard to make intermediate turns on.  In our family, we always hit the black diamond, Rolex, when it shows up on the daily grooming report.

Vagabond is a favorite that takes you either to the gondola or to the Thunderhead Express lift.  Don’t wait until the end of the day to check it out, though, as it does get more crowded as skiers make their way towards apres-ski venues.  And Vogue is always a blast.  It’s located at the top of the Christie Express lift and provides a lesser known way down than Heavenly Daze.  It’s also open for night skiing – which we highly recommend giving a try if you’re in Steamboat over a weekend.

So there you have it, the Simply Steamboat guide to skiing the blues! And, don’t forget, our green guide for beginners is available as well.  Next up, we’ll be taking you through the trees and advanced terrain on the Steamboat ski mountain.

And for the easiest way to plan your Steamboat luxury vacation, well, you don’t need a trail map for that.  Just head over here and we’ll get you cruising your way towards a Steamboat vacation in no time.