How Do You Ski 27 Inches of Champagne Powder Snow?

The President’s Day 2012 powder day was one for the record books, and one for the lifetime memory stash, from locals to guests alike . Today, old man winter has added another 9 inches of snow to the 27 inches we received overnight at the Steamboat Ski Area. Take a look at any Steamboat webcam and you will discover it’s STILL dumping! On any other day of any other season, 9 inches would be an epic day. And it is. It’s even more epic because it’s on top of 27 inches of Champagne Powder snow ®! Could today be even better than yesterday?

What Does 27″ Of Snow Look Like? See For Yourself:

Provided by the Steamboat Ski Area

Provided by the Steamboat Ski Area

Provided by the John Wade, Steamboat Real Estate Agent.

Can You Imagine If This Was Your First Time Skiing!

Yesterday may have been a tough day if it was your first time skiing, or if you had never skied powder before. Hopefully, first-timers discovered the sheer joy of skiing untracked powder snow. It feels like floating, or flying, or perhaps surfing on the smoothest waves you could imagine. It’s peaceful and gentle. Falling doesn’t hurt. It takes a lot of energy out of you, so despite everyone looking like abominable snowmen, you should stay warm. It’s quiet – except for the “yee haws” and various cries of glee around you.

Lean Back. Ski Tips Up!

If you have never skied before, we thoroughly recommend getting lessons with Steamboat’s ski school. If you are a competent skier, but have never skied powder, the simplest advice our fellow powderhounds tell you is to lean back and let your ski tips rise. Not enough? If you don’t want a lesson, let us turn to a few other articles on the web.

How to Ski Powder – 15 Tips for Learning in 24 Hours

Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Work week has plenty of time on his hands to ski powder – assuming he sticks by the mantra of his book title! He has a great article about learning to ski powder in 24 hours with lots of great tips like ‘Read a Newspaper’ and ‘Scrunch your toes occasionally to test excess back-lean’ aswell as falling and Yardsale insurance! Ski magazine has some more tips about How To Ski Powder (although we recommend ignoring their tips for Where to ski since Steamboat is obviously the place to ski powder now – and always!). If you’d like to watch an instructional video, check-out this one.

So, Are Your Coming To Steamboat or What?

If you are not convinced to book a Steamboat Ski Vacation yet, grab the phone and call us. We are a team of powderhounds, powderpuffs and ski bums living the dream in Steamboat Springs. We’d love to talk to tell you all about how epic yesterday was – and all about today. Oh, and we can answer every little question you may have about our incredible collection of luxury lodging around the Steamboat Ski Area! You can check-out our latest lodging deals online, or call and see if we have something extra special for you!

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