Hot Springs Of Steamboat Springs

Hot Springs of Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Spring is famous for its hot springs or “medicine” springs. These pools are considered sacred places of physical and spiritual healing by the Ute Indians that used the area for summer hunting grounds. It wasn’t until the early 1800s when French trappers thought they heard the chugging of a steamboat’s steam engine that was actually the naturally occurring sounds of the hot springs, Steamboat Springs was appropriately named.

Steamboat Springs has a lively history with the railroad and how Ski Town USA begun. But what all locals and visitors alike can agree on, is how wonderful and even life changing the hot springs can be. You can enjoy two separate springs in town while you come to visit, Old Town Hot Springs or Strawberry Park!

Old Town Hot Springs is located right in the heart of down town Steamboat. Not only can you enjoy the beneficial aspects of the hot springs, you can book a massage or a work out in the onsite gym. Old Town has a membership program that you can join if you decide to; live like a local in a long term rental or even purchase a home. The famous Heart Spring is the source of the healing mineral water in all 8 pools. It pumps approximately 220 gallons of water per minute and comes out of the ground like an artesian well so no need for a man made pump! Touting a combination of local history and awesome amenities, Old Town Hot Springs should be on your list of places to visit year-round!

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For a more picturesque experience you should head just a few miles outside of town to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. This romantic and ultra-relaxing trip is worth the drive up a winding road that turns to dirt until you are high above with fantastic views. You keep venturing further down this dirt road until you arrive at the entrance to the hot springs. Don’t forget that from November 1st – May 1st you are required a four wheel drive vehicle with snow tires or any vehicle with chains (if this doesn’t sound pure Colorado, I don’t know what does). Once you pay your admission and ascend down the stairs to the steaming hot pools, let that stress melt away and enjoy the scenery. You can also enjoy a Swedish massage or Watsu massage where a therapist supports you while alternating movements and stretches timed to the breath. You can also book a couples massage so you can share this experience with a loved one!

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You should take a trip to both of these places while you are on vacation in Steamboat. Ask your friendly Simply Steamboat concierge to help you book a hot springs tour.