condos vs. hotel rooms in Steamboat

Condos vs. Hotel Rooms – What to choose while planning the perfect Steamboat vacation?

Choosing between a hotel room or a condo might be something of a dilemma when choosing where to stay in Steamboat Springs. No need to worry! Here are some useful tips and insights from us at Simply Steamboat, which hopefully will make it easier for you to decide where to stay in the future.

Staying at a hotel definitely has its perks. You get everything taken care of, from housekeeping to room service and, most of the time; sometimes a continental breakfast is even included in the stay. (Continental sounds so fancy for bagels and coffee)! The downside is, however, that you will have limited space which might not be an issue if you are on, let’s say, a business trip. If you are traveling with a bigger party this might get a bit inconvenient. Sleeping, watching TV AND eating on your bed is only a novelty for a short time, if at all! blog: Condos vs. Hotel Rooms – What to choose while planning the perfect Steamboat vacation?

We would recommend staying at a hotel if you are traveling for a night or two, max. If you are coming to Steamboat Springs for 3 to 7 days….

Naturally, you must stay in one of our exquisite condos!

Here’s Why:

  • There is a lot more room to spread out and relax. Honestly, no one likes crumbs in the bed! Our condos (and/or townhomes) have huge dining room tables and incredible kitchens that will surely inspire your inner Martha!
  • In a hotel you are shacked up in a tiny room where you are literally hovering over each other and your luggage. You will have more space to put your things when you unpack in your condo. Seriously! Have you seen how much stuff you carry around with you on a ski vacation!
  • You will have your own washer or dryer in the condo. Not that you want to do a whole lot of laundry while on vacation but it sure is nice to have the option! If you’ve ever traveled with kids you know what we are talking about.
  • Keep everyone under one roof! Whether you have young ones, teens, or are even traveling with another couple, a great perk of a luxury home is that you know exactly where everyone is at all times.
  • Having your own kitchen and dining area gives you the opportunity to cook your own meals. It’s a healthier, and less expensive option to cook at home instead of eating every meal in a restaurant, especially if you have kids; especially if you’re tired; AND especially if you’re tired – and your kids are tired! And if you’re too tired to cook, then you can always order take-out.

Quick Hot tip: Our favorite home delivery restaurants: Mazzola’s for pizza, pastas, salads and ooooey, gooey delicious chocolatey calzones. Soda Creek pizzas for a little more of a gourmet selection of pizzas or Brooklyn’s Pizza for good ol’ fashioned pizza pies! Or spice up your takeout and order from the brand new Sumatera.

…And More Bang For Your Buck!

If you travel with multiple families, you can split the cost of a larger condo, making it a good deal for everyone involved. A 2, 3, or 4 bedroom condo typically works out to be cheaper than 2, 3 or 4 hotel rooms. If not – then the added space and privacy definitely makes the difference worth it. Take any one of our 4 bedrooms condos – (eg. at Trappeur’s, Blackhawk, Chadwick, Edgemont or Storm Meadows) – in most cases there is a bathroom for every bedroom. Seriously. It’s no fun sharing bathrooms with your relatives, nor your best friends!

Not only do these  some, like the beautiful Chadwick, even have additional living rooms… so while you and your friends enjoy a bottle of red, or two, or… well, the kids are cuddled up under blankets in another room with DVDs.

Quick Hot Tip: Grocery stores are a nightmare at any time – and the last place you want to visit while on vacation. Put your feet up sooner and arrange for your fridge and cupboards to be stocked before your arrive with all the food and wine you wish for by Ski Town Grocery.

We promise. Your condo will feel like a home away from home! Check-out our latest deals and all of our Steamboat lodging or call and let us help you pinpoint the perfect vacation home.

P.S Got anymore reasons why a condo is better than a vacation home? We’d love it if you would share your experiences and ideas in the comments below…

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  1. I have stayed in many of Simply Steamboat’s condos over the years with my family, and have many fond memories of big family dinners, games nights and hot tubbing with my family. Once you stay in a vacation home, you can’t go back. They’re so much more fun – and affordable – than hotel rooms.

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