Gilpin Lake (Zirkel Wilderness)

Places with the Most Outdoor Activities

Places with the Most Outdoor Activities     If getting outside and enjoying nature on your next vacation is on your to-to-list, Steamboat Springs is a must stop spot. There are dozens of outdoor activities in Steamboat for all interest groups and all skill levels.  Below are some of the popular outdoor activities in Steamboat… Read More

Cafe Diva Chef in Steamboat

Meet Kate Rench: Steamboat’s Celebrated Chef who Lives a Life of Passion without Pretense

In February, I sat down with our very own Kate Rench to find out what drives her career and fuels her spirit. For those of us who have already had the pleasure of dining at her restaurant, Café Diva, we have tasted her success for ourselves. But I wanted to introduce the real person that is Kate with… Read More