Adventure in Steamboat

Steamboat’s Rides … Way better than Disney World!

We know, we know.  Every family eventually makes the requisite trek to The Magic Kingdom of Disney World at some point in their kids’ lives.  But what about after everyone’s tired of long lines, scorching humidity, wallet-busting tchotkes, and manufactured fun.  That means it’s time for a Simply Steamboat Colorado adventure!

Steamboat’s Roller Coasters….

The Alpine Slide
Need a rollercoaster thrill ride that rivals Space Mountain?  Take a trip up Howelsen Hill and then get ready to gulp down some air as you scream for joy cruising down the aptly named, Howler.  Steamboat’s awesome Alpine Slide.  It’s a 2400 foot track with awesome views (if you can keep unsqueeze your shut eyes and take in the surroundings, that is!).  Actually, it’s great for all ages.  Older kids can get the sleds rigged for adrenaline rush riding, while younger ones (and their lame moms, this blog writer included), can opt for a slower sled for taking all those curves.

Gravity Defying Mountain Bike Rides down the Mountain
Bring your own or rent a nice downhill mountain bike and take the gondola up to our sky scraping peaks.  Then bare your white knuckles, don your helmet and take the path straight down at high velocity.  Super fun for those who crave pure adrenaline.

Steamboat’s Wet ‘N Wild Rides

Looking for something a little more Wet ‘N Wild like “Splash Mountain”.  We’ve got quite a few of our own versions of the dunk em’ soak em’ water park fun in Steamboat.

The Water Slide
This is for kids and adults alike.  Try the infamous 230 foot water slide at the Old Town Hot Springs.  Your bravery for climbing this 3-story beast is rewarded by a dip in a nice hot springs pool at the finish.  No walking around amusement parks while wringing out wet t-shirts, just enjoy the pools, the sun decks, the locker room, and dry clothes!

Wacky Water Walkers
Located at Amaze ‘n Steamboat.  Climb in a giant bubble and attempt to “walk” (or possibly roll) on water.

Wakeboarding or Wakesurfing
Splash around at Steamboat’s surrounding lakes. Ride/surf the wake at the lake.  Great Steamboat water ski outfitter, Boardom Bound, suggests that it might be the last time you ever hear the words, “I’m bored, Mom”.

Tube the Yampa
This is a MUST do for Simply Steamboat families.  It’s a floater trip for relaxing and then the Yampa throws in some very fun rapids to navigate as well.  Head over to Backdoor Sports for easy access and all the gear.  Funny, there actually IS a river tubing adventure ride at Disney World.  Urban legend says they got the idea from us!

Squirt Gun Tag
Head over to Amaze ‘n Steamboat for Shoot ‘n Shower Basketball, mini golf, bungee jumping, gemstone panning (like a real gold miner) and, yes, you can stand up on a perch with a bird’s eye view of your innocent family members scrambling through a maze below and blast them with some super soaking water guns.  Highly recommend this one after hearing the words “are we there yet?” over and over again.  Oh we’re kidding, we would never suggest squirting your little ones, or would we…

Kayak the Yampa
Ok if you’re not quite up to this higher level adventure rush, then come to Steamboat THIS weekend for the 33rd annual Yampa River Festival and watch the pros make surfing those crazy holes look pretty easy.  Plus there’s a canine river dog classic, a costume contest (in the water) and Yogic stand up paddle boarders (hmm, that sounds a bit more like Cirque du Soleil, than Disney World, but worth the watch none-the-less.)

Steamboat’s Mini Thrill Seekers

Trampoline bungee jumping, rock climbing wall, ropes course, mechanical bull & bouncey house.
And, of course, we cannot forget the Coca-Cola Adventure Zone.  It’s a fun little adventure park located at the base of Mt. Werner with all of the above and more.  Gorgeous views of the mountain as you watch your child bounce to the sky.

Special Event! Summer Carnival This Weekend Only
And if you DO happen to be in Steamboat this weekend (June 1-2, 2013) staying in one of our many gorgeous mountain condominiums.  There’s actually our own spring into summer carnival rolling into town.  It’s a fundraiser for our schools. So if you need your fix of actual roller coasters, funnel cakes and ferris wheels, it’ll pop up in the Meadows Parking Lot below Mt. Werner.  May 30-June 3 and then disappear until next year.  Good thing we have all of our other au naturel thrill rides to keep us locals occupied year round.  Please note the Fun Ride middle photo in the collage is from last year’s pop up carnival.  This is only in Steamboat once a year, so get up here…

Steamboat’s Ferris Wheel

No silly.  We don’t actually have a ferris wheel in Steamboat.  We’ve got something EVEN better.  Hot air balloon rides!  When you visit a valley as gorgeous as ours, there’s no question you should take a jaw dropping tour from way up above.  And the bonus – you get champagne too!  Now when was the last time THAT happened at Disney World?

No – we do not need a 3-d simulator here in Steamboat for true thrill seeking outdoor adventures… This is the real deal.

Skip the lines and join us for a Simply Steamboat summer.  We can’t wait to see you.

P.S What Disney adventure comparisons did we forget? In the comments below, tell us your ideas for more fantastical adventures in Steamboat Springs…


  1. Love this article! What about Gondola Rides? Or the Ramb Scramble for kids at the Rodeo! One more thing – Steamboat’s temperatures are idyllic by comparison to the Disney locations. And the town is ‘real.’ No movie sets here!

  2. What a great list of fun things to do here this summer! My all time favorite thing to do in Steamboat is tubing down the river!!!

  3. When my mother, then aged 78, came out to Steamboat with other, younger family members, we wondered what she could do while we all went tubing down the Yampa. But for her, there was no question that she was going to miss her one chance to get on the water.
    At the end of her trip, she declared, “If I lived in Steamboat, I’d go tubing every day!”

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